• Prado SV Philosophy

    Our world is digital and technology has accelerated and disrupted almost all aspects of society. If technology is the oxygen that grows ideas, changes business and society then funding, especially seed funding, is the water that feeds these innovations and enables companies to grow.

    At Prado SV, we embrace Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial spirit and want to see it flourish. Therefore, our seed fund invests in people–not just technology. We look for teams that have the passion to execute on the next game changing idea.

    With Prado SV, your creative concept will receive over 20 years of best practices to nourish and to grow your company. Our boutique Venture Capital fund will provide the tools and guidance to help your startup prepare for the next wave in your business cycle.

    Come catch the wave with us.

    To find out more about Prado SV, please email us at info@pradosv.com